History of CRPD

Beginning in 2013, the Town of Cross Roads received police services from the Northeast Police Department (NEPD) through an interlocal agreement with the City of Krugerville. The Town received notification in late March 2021, that Krugerville was terminating the agreement effective September 30, 2021. While the Town made efforts to renegotiate an agreement, we were also preparing for the creation of the Cross Roads Police Department.  As negotiations ended, the Town took steps to establish the Cross Roads Police Department. The agreement provided that the NEPD assets will be divided 70/30 with Cross Roads receiving 70% of the assets.

This page was designed as a resource for the community to keep them abreast of activities leading the establishment of the Cross Roads Police Department.

Key Information

Cross Roads is committed to maintaining the salaries of any NEPD officers that transfer over to the Cross Roads PD.

Cross Roads is committed to officer safety. The first draft budget includes a Chief, two Sergeants, six Patrol Officers and an Administrative Assistant. We understand the need to grow the department as the community sees continued growth.

Cross Roads is committed to funding the Cross Roads Police Department with current revenue streams without the need to implement and ad valorem (property) tax.

The NEPD Interlocal Agreement committed the Town of Cross Roads to paying $982,642 for Fiscal Year 2021 for police services. Preliminary budget estimates indicates the Cross Roads Police Department will cost approximately $1,250,000 for Fiscal Year 2022, which is well within the Town’s funding ability.

The Northeast Municipal Court will dissolve and assets will be split accordingly.

Cross Roads PD already has an established agency ID with the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement.