Parks & Recreation

The Parks and Recreation Board, a group of volunteer citizens, runs and manages the Cross Roads Park, community events and the Parks and Recreation website, calendar and social media pages.

Our Mission:

The Town of Cross Roads Parks & Recreation Board’s mission is to enhance the quality of life by providing for safe, well-maintained parks and public places, preserving historic resources and strengthening the bonds of community through programs and special events.

We create opportunities for renewal, growth, and enrichment, while actively caring for and protecting our urban forest to create a beautiful, livable town for the benefit of a community of people who live, work and visit the Town of Cross Roads. These services will be facilitated and delivered through passionate, professional and proactive response to community interests and identified values.

Building our Future Together.

Our Core Values

Core values are internal beliefs and qualities treasured by the community. These shared beliefs form a philosophy that guide the Town’s parks and recreation services.

Community Engagement - We work collaboratively to include and engage the full diversity of our community through community events and programs.

Family-Friendliness – We provide safe environments, clean and beautiful spaces and a welcoming atmosphere accessible to all.

Conservation & Stewardship - We responsibly manage and care for our natural and physical resources for current and future generations.

Health & Wellness – We provide environments for the promotion of mental and physical health, activity and relaxation.